Is Soul food a food for soul?

Tonight I needed a soul food, something that would comfort me after a long working day. The name soul food comes from the culture of afroamericans and in the southern states means a hearty good meal, rather heavy with loads of meat and veggies. But to me soul food is simply a food that makes one feel good and at home.

On my way home I picked up few things in the local grocery store. Since my mind is set on belly dancing and orient those days (as we are preparing for the show), I’ve been craving for something spicy and warming up. Especially that summer this year keeps us rather cool in Warsaw I decided for the fusion of my two favourite cousines: mexican and arabic. The main idea is the mix of the hot spices, hearty beef with slightly sweet arabic spices, round taste of golden corn and sour taste of tomato. The hotness of fried stuffing is mixed with coldness of home made salsa… it’s perfect with a glass of good red wine 🙂

Belly Dancing Tortillas (for hungry one)

2 tortillas of your choice

1 tomato

1 big mashroom

1 small can of corn

200g of good beef

1 small onion

grated cheese of your choice

salsa sauce

shaorma spice, hot chilli, salt, pepper

for salsa: drain the corn, dice the tomato and 1/2 of onion, put into a bowl, add little bit of olive oil, salt, pepper and hot chilli. Make it as you like it.

for meat: cut meat into thin stripes, mix with salt and shaorma spice, add some olive oil and leave untill it sets a bit. Slice the rest of the onion and a mashroom. Fry quickly on the very hot pan, until the onion’s nicely brown and beef is through.

to assemble: warm up the tortillas in the microwave. Place the meat in the middle and grate some cheese. Fold in two and put for a minute to microwave untill the cheese melts. Take out, open and place on one side some salsa, and top it with salsa sauce. wrap tightly.

It’s a quick and grate dish, because it gives all the different sensations to the mouth. It’s hot and cold, spicy and mild… all what’s the best in both worlds. One eats with hands, so the sauce running down one’s fingers is a real treat. Especially with all the scents that caress one’s senses while eating.

And least but not last Smeagol insisted on being the guest star of the post. She was helping with blogging and cooking (by begging for meat – quality check ) and therefore she thinks she ows to be here ;). For those who don’t know Smeagol is a Norwegian Forrest Kitty, she’s a very loving and attached cat. She follows me around the house when I come from work and sleeps next to my pillow in the night. She’s madly jealouse about Historian, but she shows her mercy when spoiled with treats and scratches behind the ear. She’s simply adorable 🙂



Po polsku


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