Wake Me Up Before You Go Toasts

Breakfast is a base for the good day. Last night I got surprised by Historian’s visit, which was absolutely spontane and great thing. We slept in today as we stayed up long last night, so it was of the great importance to spoil both of us well with hearty breakfast. When I was getting ready to start cooking I asked Historian what does he want for breakfast. He answered: “Sweets, whatever you cook”, so I said: “How about pancakes?” and he looked at me and said: “Didn’t you just show me the book of caseroles?” I started to laugh and said: “Fair enough, but caseroles are more a lunch dish, will toasts do?”… and that’s how the new dish was born….

Wake Me Up Before You Go Toasts

(portion for one hungry Historian and regular gal)

slices of bread (I took 6 or so but Historian can eat loads)

about 50g of parmesane type of cheese

50g of smoked cheese (I took oscypek)

3 spoons of 18% sour cream

2 spring onions

6 slices of ham (as many slices of ham as many breads you have)

6 cherry tomatos

salt, pepper,chilli

some extra grated cheese to top the breads

Grate both cheeses, chop nicely the springonions, add cream, salt, pepper, chilli and mix well. Spread some butter on the breads, put the slices of ham, then the mix, halved tomatos, and top it with a layer of grated cheese. Bake until nice and golden brown in the oven preheated on 180C or 5-6 mins in micrwave on the crisp grill. Enjoy with ketchup or salsa sauce

It’s a great way of using the old bread. It’s quick and tasty and really hearty. My dear friend Marti asked me for more recipes with cheese… so Babe, that one’s for you 🙂 Why “Wake Me Up Before You Go”? well as I was preparing them in the morning I couldn’t stop singing this song… no idea why 😉

Po polsku


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