Summer Delights

Over the last few days I’ve been pretty busy: “running, jumping, climbing trees, putting make-up” if you know what I mean 😉 Anyway, it was a long week and tough weekend, but today was the first sunny day in a while and it was really lovely to have a nice meal with my parents in the garden. The garden was quiet, my parents just came back from holidays in Austria (they got me “Wiener Kueche. Zum kennenlernen und nachkochen” – which made me absolutely happy, especially after reading “Darkenss Rising” by Tallis which brought my mind directly to Vienna.), Smeagol was sleeping in the sun and it was another perfectly quiet afternoon in Falenica. Indeed, that’s the name of the part of Warsaw where I live, it’s quite famous for its microclimate I must say, and back in 19th century it used to be a typical recovery area 🙂

So today I did some cooking. Nothing very complicated, just grilled beef sirloin with salad and baked potato wedges.

I’ve been rambling before about the simplicity of meals and beauty of it, haven’t I? Today’s lunch was a total improvisation, since the whole day yesterday was completely and fully devoted to the belly dance show I was part of. So there was no time for food shopping or thinking what will I cook tomorrow. Thankfully we had sirloin and potato wedges frozen and waiting for their turn 🙂

As for salad I was very happy to see that rucola decided to spread nicely in her pot in the garden, so with few brave cuts I had a bowl full, I added some sunflower sprouts and carrot shaved with veggie pealer. Now the sauce was tricky as our rucola is of rather spicy kind. So I decided for the lemon-honey sauce

Lemon-Honey Salad Sauce (proportions)

1/3 lemon juice

2/3 olive oil

2 parts of honey

salt, pepper

In small jar combine lemon juice and honey and mix well. Add live oil and spices. Shake well.

That’s a rather sweet and mild sauce. It suits well to the spicy leaves, or salads with fragrant ingredients. Making a sauce in a small jar allows one to make it ahead and then simply shake it throughly before putting on the salad.


(Po polsku)


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