Something Fishy

As past few weekends seemed to be very busy, this one was to slow down, to connect with the family and loved ones and to step out for a bit. Saturday we spent in four at Grannie’s (Historian came as well), there was loads of cooking and tiny house works but since I forgot my cam there’s no evidence ;). Sunday for a change was Falenica oriented and we spent it reading in the garden. So a lunch had to be quick and light, because we had another summery weekend. In the morning I made the quickest dessert ever – which we usually just buy for the office in our local bakery – wafers with fudge. It’s quick, rewarding and highly dangerous.

Quick and Fudgy Wafers

1 pack of square wafers  (6 wafers 26 x 26 cm, 150g)

1 can of evaporated milk, sweet (or if you live in Poland a can of fudge)

Place the can of the milk in the pot with water (make sure that the can is almost covered), and cook for at least 2-3 hours on the low heat. Make sure to refill water during the process. And yes you cook milk in the can! No holes needed, and no it won’t explode 😉
Take out and let it cool before opening.

Take a wafer, spread evenly 1-2 spoons of fudge, cover with the next wafer, repeat until the last wafer covers the fudge. Wrap up in a plastic wrap, place a board with a weight on the top and put to the fridge for at least 4 hours. Take out, cut into squares or triangles and serve with a coffee.

For lunch I started to crave pasta and since past week I hardly had any fish (not mentioning  tuna spread for sandwiches, but it doesn’t count does it?), I figured that fish would do us good, especially that Historian during his midnight raid of the fridge was desperately looking for herrings 😉 Anyhow, I  came up with Pasta Marinara. Again it was a quick recipe and fun to make.

Something Fishy (to feed hungry 4 or not that hungry 5)

About 20 big prawns of your choice

2 filets of your favourite fish (about 300g) sliced

2 carrots cut in sticks

1 leek sliced

2-3 shalottes sliced

Cleared butter, olive oil

250ml white wine

250ml mushroom stock

½ spoon flour

½ spoon sour cream

150g of feta

On a spoon of cleared butter fry quickly shalottes and leek. Add prawns and fish and give it a quick fry, until they seem done. Remove from the pan, add another spoon of butter and toss in the carrots. Given them a quick fry and then add wine and stock and let it simmer for 5 min. Remove the carrots, put in some thyme and rosemary, and reduce the liquid (until ¾ of it is left). Crumb in feta and whisk until it dissolves. Mix flour and cream in the bowl and add 4 spoons of liquid and whisk until combines. Add to the liquid 1-2 spoons of the mixture and whisk until it thickens. Transfer the fish, prawns and carrots back into the sauce and let it simmer, spice with pepper . Cook your favourite kind of pasta (I cooked 500g – but Historian and Daddy need more than average humans 😉 ), serve it with a sauce.

Enjoy 🙂


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I'm a redhair girl witch to some scientist to the others... I love cooking and baking.... what else would you like to know?
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