Wild Mushrooms

I’m blessed by living on the outskirts of Warsaw, the forest is just across the street and it spreads over the lengh of several kilometers. To all of us, people of Falenica (that’s how the town I live is called – but mind – it’s still in Warsaw), forest is the source of the best ingredient ever  – wild mashrooms. They come in various shape, sizes and kinds… but all edible are delicious and such a treat during the walk in the woods.

Today I went with Mania to the forest to collect mushrooms. I had my mind fixed on the soup I was going to make and Mania volunteered that all we find today will go straight to my pot 🙂 What was lovely, especially since, as she said herself – they collect mushrooms every day 🙂 Lucky them! It was a nice day in the forest, the sun was shining through the branches, and it was warm and calm. There’s this kind of tranquility in collecting mushrooms… just the moment of spotting a brown/yellow cap growing  from the moss… simply priceless.

We collected almost 900g of wild mushrooms – chanterelles, penny buns, Leccinum aurantiacum, xerocomus and many more. The mushrooms are good for you 😉 Every Eastern European tells you that 😉 Many species are high in dietary fiber, protein, and vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, biotin, cobalamins, and ascorbic acid. Mushrooms are also a source of some minerals, including selenium, potassium and phosphorus. Collecting them is good for soul… so how about a mushroom soup which will be good for you and your soul?

My family always used to camp a lot. In summer we used to go to the camping sites on Masurian Lakes, ramble the lakes and forests there and always had plenty of wild mushrooms at hand. And one of the most favourite way of perserving the mushrooms, next to drying them and pickling them was mushrooms soup. A hearty one-pot dish, full of mushroom, potatos and sour cream. It’s cheap if one simply collects the mushrooms from the forest, can get pricey when one needs to buy them… but one or the other it’s worth it. That’s the recipe as my grannie used to make it, simple recipe that requires a big pot and few ingredients…

Camping Mushroom Soup To Die For

(serves at least 6 hungry people)

900 g wild edible mushrooms of your choice – washed, and sliced

10 big potatos skinned and diced

4 big onions diced

1,5 l of broth

olive oil


sour cream to top

In the large pot heat the olive oil and add 2 spoons of cleared butter. Add onion and fry a bit. Then goes in the mushrooms, fry until slightly done. Add the broth, let cook for 5 mins. Then add diced potatos. Cook until potatos are nice and soft (about 20 mins). Spice with salt and pepper. To serve add a fair spoon of sour cream into each bowl, give a spoon of soup and mix untill combined. Fill up with the soup and stir again. Serve with bread if craved. Be careful, this soup is highly addictive 😉

NOTE: please remember – it’s a big chunk soup. So the dices of potatos and onion, and slices of mushrooms should be chunky. You don’t want anything what is tiny… this soup needs to have a nice bite 🙂


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