Avocado Is a Comfort

Now it’s official – I’m ill and it’s diagnosed bronhitis with all trimmings, the doctor was quite pleased that I came as he said it was close to become a pneumonia… thank you very much… so I’m grounded home: sick leave till the end of the week, plus antibiotics to sweeten up my lousy existance… On my way home from the doctor I decided I need some food to keep me going, as when I usually start being sick – I can’t eat anymore and only force in things I really like. So I walked in to the  local grocery store and spotted avocados and fresh chillis on the stand, and I remembered that in the Mexican Restaurant close to my office I had once this absolutely lovely frothy avocado soup. When got all that was needed for two desent soups and for Mom’s bday Very Coffee Pavlova (more about it tomorrow… and no I’m not nuts, just a loving daughter) I headed home.

Here I am… dressed in my “I’m sick-leave me alone-dad’s cardi” holding my soup. Let’s face it, not the most colourful or pretty dish but a pure comfort and quick heal I hope. The cardi itself is a labour of love as it was knitted by my Mom for my Dad from the yarn they bought during their honey moon. I used to own both: my Mom’s and Dad’s – as they were made to be a partner look cardis. Mom’s was with white pattern, whereas Dad’s with black. Mom’s cardi I worn out during highschool and early university years, but it was always warm and cozy. Dad’s as it’s way too big I wear home… usually when I’m sick because it’s made of real wool and keeps me warm and wrapped up.

Unfortunately you can’t see it on that pic but I wear double bands on each of my thumbs, on the right one the second band belonged to my beloved Gran, who departed 16 years ago and which band I received as a heritage after my Granpa died. I’m so much about comfort and things that belonged to people I love. That’s how I am strongly rooted in the past but still love the now and the future, maybe that’s why I an such a tough cookie… almost nothing can break me. That’s why I love my friends, always keeping them close for the instant comfort, no matter how far they are in reality. Today when I was too ill to speak a dear friend kept me company through out the evening, making me laugh and forget all the misery I was in. Thank you Mr.D!

The avocado soup was such comfort in liquid. The nice vitamins from the fruit and veggies in it, the warmth from the broth and chilli make a perfect foundation for the recovery. And there is nothing better than a soup on a cold winter day. Especially when this soup brings the images of sun and glorious colours of the distant lands. As we talked today the most important in food shopping is if something looks good, if it calls you and your attention, almost challenging  – cook me pretty, cook me tasty… And then idea is born, usually based upon the scents, the images one has in mind… at least that’s how my mind works, and yours?

Comfort Me Avocado Soup

(for 1)

1 avocado – peeled and chopped

1 small onion chopped

1 clove garlic chopped

5 cm ginger root – peeled and chopped

5cm chilli – deseeded, chopped

500ml broth of your choice

In the pot give a quick fry to onion, garlic, ginger and chilli. Add avocado and broth. Cook for about 10mins. Blitz to the pure. Let cook for another 5 mins. Try if any salt is needed, but if your broth was already nicely spiced this will be enough. Enjoy 🙂


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I'm a redhair girl witch to some scientist to the others... I love cooking and baking.... what else would you like to know?
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