The Spices of Life

I’m slowly recovering from the annoying bronhitis. It doesn’t mean that it’s finally gone, but slowly improving. Thanks to the sick leave I finally have time to cook and blog on the regular base as well, which is a cheering thought after all. I’ve been reading quite a lot food blogs and learning a lot those days. Not that I can focus on regular reading, but it seems that reading online txts is somehow easier and more fun.

Today I stumbled upon Food Loves Writing blog, and there upon this delightful recipe for Chicken Fingers. My sick body decided that’s what we are craving madly, so I was happy to have found one last chicken boob in the deep freezer. As you already noticed I prefer to skip on the calories than adding more of them, I wasn’t very thrilled about soaking the chicken in the buttermilk. Again my taste prefers spices and hot things over the mild ones. So I decided to skip buttermilk for my favourite ajvar, and decided for fine breadcrumbs we use here, than just crumbled bread. They came out nice and juicy, spicy and set by a nice scent of orient in the house.

Ajvar always reminds me of what is important in life. Spices that bring the image of warm countries and then the fact that as spices bring life to the food, the love and friendship are the spices of life. Yesterday was the day of serious chats, when I had to stand my ground and support friends. Then again a dear friend of mine stood by me when I needed it… those are my spices… ajvar, friends and love… and yes I do wear my heart on the sleeve. Anyway, now it’s time for me to shut the f*** up and give you the recipe 😉

Warm Me Up Chicken Fingers

(portion for 1 when served with salad or for 2 when served with rich sides)

1 chicken breast

2 tea spoons of ajvar

salt, pepper, garlic

4 spoons of fine bread crumbs

olive oil to fry

Cut the meat into stripes, spice them with salt, pepper and garlic. Add ajvar, mix well and put into fridge for an hour or two. Take out, lightly coat with bread crumbs and fry until done on both sides. Enjoy with a salad of your choice 🙂

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I'm a redhair girl witch to some scientist to the others... I love cooking and baking.... what else would you like to know?
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6 Responses to The Spices of Life

  1. Sandra says:

    Oh that looks divine… beautiful photos and great recipe! I am glad that you doing better!

  2. ladymorgiana says:

    Thank you Sandra! they were very tasty 🙂 I have a thing for ajvar and garlic 😉

  3. davejwsbooks says:

    mmmmm….chicken fingers. looks great. may have to try this out, if only i can find and catch a chicken with fingers!!!!!!

  4. ladymorgiana says:

    LOL well you live in this weird country… so you never know 😉 I heard that they were living somewhere round your street 😉

  5. Shannalee says:

    Looks good! Glad you enjoyed these!

  6. ladymorgiana says:

    Thank you! I really had! 🙂 you inspired me!

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