If Tomato is a fruit….

….. then I made brilliant fruit soup 😉 As you already know I’ve been busy and as always grabbing things in the last moment. One could think that working from home gives me time, but it’s so wrong 😉 I can’t deny it – I enjoy it, at least for now. Now quick lunches are the must, and there is no take away rule and noone to drag me to some uhealthy treats. So I’m trying to stay healthy… as always 😉

I’m cooking soups religiously, no idea why. I guess coz they are quick and healthy, and since summer brings us so many fresh veggies it’s making things way easier. Losing weight is another plus, as I’m really trying hard. All belly dancing shows and fact that one wants to look good in thos revealing costumes make me crave to lose some of this nasty belly I got last  years.  Butmy body seems to follow my wishes.

Yes I know there’s some cheese in my soup, but it was only one slice shredded so I think we are all good. Ok enough of talking and let’s go down with business

Quick Mediterrenean Soup

(feeds 1)

1 tomato

1 onion

1/2l favourite broth

6 olives

1 spoon tomato puree

salt and pepper

shredded cheese

Dice onion and tomato. Give it a quick fry, add broth, olives, tomato puree and give it a stir. Leave it to cook slowly for 10 mins. Season to your fancy. Serve topped with cheese. Enjoy


About ladymorgiana

I'm a redhair girl witch to some scientist to the others... I love cooking and baking.... what else would you like to know?
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2 Responses to If Tomato is a fruit….

  1. Bear says:

    looks so good babe, and thats from someone who struggles with fruit and veg!

  2. Ohh this really sounds delightful! I need to lose few inches:)) Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe!

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