Black Forest in Jar

We have a little cherry tree in the garden. I don’t know how long it is there, but this little tree has the most amazing gift to bring kilograms of fruits every year. This year we have two cherry trees in the garden, first matured earlier so first load of cherry jam was made almost 3 weeks ago. But this weekend the small tree was ready to harvest, so we harvested them and then I decided that I don’t want another traditional jam. I wanted jars of Choco-Cherries in our pantry. And what could you better for long winter days than cherries and chocolate sealed in the glass.

The confiture is lucious, almost decadent and absolutely mesmerizing. Typical eastern kind of jam – cooked slow, for many days, no saving on sugar that perserves it better than anything else. Plus chocolate – dark, savoury cocoa of the high procentage of the cocoa.

Jam is perfectly balanced in sweetness, sauriness and finally bitterness of cocoa powder. Moreover it’s easy to cook – all one need is a copper pot, cherries with removed stones and sugar… and then time… loads of time… Why copper pot? No idea, from what I gathered because copper emitates the atoms which help perserving food, somewhat the jams cooked in them last longer and hardly ever get mouldy.

You can have it with pancakes or add to the cake, or muffins or just have those lucious goodies whenever the winter days make you crave sth nice and sweet with you tea or coffee. Chocolate and cherries – perfect as Black Forest cake, but sealed in the jar…

so why don’t you get yourself a stash of those lovely treats?

Black Forest in Jar

(for 10-12 jars)

4 kilo cherries (stones removed – weight without stones)

4 kilo sugar

100g dark cocoa

200ml water

put cherries in the copper pot, mix with sugar, bring to boil. Let cook for an hour, stir every now and then, remove the foam. Let cool. Next day bring the mixture to boil, let cook for 20 mins, stir every now and then,  remove foam, let cool. Repeat on 2 more days. On the day four proceed with jamm, mix together cocoa powder with water until it has the consistance of paste, when jam starts to boil add the mix and whisk to disolve, let cook slowly for 15 mins, remove the foam. Wash the jars, stirlyze the jars in dishwasher on in oven set for 100C (I used dishwasher – washed and stirlyzed, no troubles) pour in the jam, put the lids on and put the jars on the table upside down until nice and cool. Label. Stash. Enjoy.


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I'm a redhair girl witch to some scientist to the others... I love cooking and baking.... what else would you like to know?
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2 Responses to Black Forest in Jar

  1. You have cherry tree? I am so jealous..I love cherries, and this is wonderful jam…Great recipe and pictures are truly mouthwatering!

  2. ladymorgiana says:

    we have two cherry trees. One in the back garden and one in front garden. The back garden one is old and every year gives at least 3 kilo of cherries… can you believe it? It’s not even 1,5m tall 😉

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