It’s the Highest Time to be Thai…

It’s been a bloody while since I was blogging. Yes pardon my French but seriously swear like a trooper. For the first time in ages I found myself ready to blog again. For past few months my life was a roller coster and most of the times I even took pics of food but then went back to stiching or sth and completely forgot to blog. Living between countries requires lots of time management and as well family management as my parents do have some hard times dealing with possibility of me moving abroad again. So it’s been a busy time. Got more into bellydancing than before, so few weekends were just hard work on workshops, but it’s fascinating passion and commitment as well.

Recently I discovered new way of cooking. Ok, it’s not really new or thrilling but turned out just perfect to cook fish and salmon in particular. Are you familiar with “oven sleeves” as we call them in Poland? It’s called cooking bag as here. The idea is brilliant: one sticks piece of meat, fish or veggies in a bag, adds 2 table spoons of water / liquid and puts it in the oven. The food comes out lovely steamed and light, but at the same time keeps all the juices and vitamines, plus form is easy to discart and no issues with washing the tin ๐Ÿ™‚ Brilliant if you ask me. In UK those can be purchased in Poundland shops as “fish cooking bags” and cost a pound.

Today is a grey and lousy day. I went with Sexy Mommy to the market and decided as we walked by the fishmongers that it has to be salmon for kunch. Recently, after discovering that cooking bags are great for fish, I’ve been often preparing salmon this way. Today wasn’t really any different – I made absolutely thrilling and delicious Salmon with veggies Thai style. Recipe as usually is pretty straight forward, can differ depending on your fancies, but as always I’m willing to share coz this salmon from the bag is to die for. We agreed with Mom that fried salmon is heavy on stomach and too much fuss to be bothered with. The one from bag on the other hand is light, and almost airy, delicate and mouth melting. Can be used for salads or as a main dish (or part of main dish, it’s up to you) – it’s quick, no fuss, no mess just pure bliss ๐Ÿ™‚

Salmon in the bag with veggies Thain style

piece of salmon filet (I had 750g for 3 as main course)
bag to cook fish
2-3 tb spoons liquid (I took coconut milk and water)
spices to marinate salmon (this time I used fresh grated ginger and this spiceย which is with lemon and dill. Other times I used Jamie Oliver’s thyme and lemon salt. So just go ahead try different styles)

Cover the salmon in marinate and let it sit for a while. When ready use the bag according to instructions, as those may vary depending from trade, put in salmon (skin to the botton) add your liquids and seal the bag. Cook for 30-40mins (up to 50-60min depending on the size) on 200C-210C. When done, remove the bag from the oven, cut open and transfer the meat on the plate, skin should nicely stick on the bag ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re done.

Veggies Thai style

you will need veggies of your choice. I took: asparagus, pineapple, carrots, mushrooms, chives and celery

choose your thai spice. I used the mix of curry, paprica, pepper, cinnamon and ginger. Curry paste would work just perfect

In wok add oil of your choice (I took peanut oil), quickly fry the spices and fresh ginger or/and lemon grass. Add veggies and give them a good quick fry. Now add a can of coconut milk and let simmer for 15 mins. Season, add some seasam seeds and fish sauce and you’re ready to serve.

Rhubarb in the garden is growing madly. This Easter we tried fantastic recipe for rhubarb-strawberry lemonade by Tartlette and we were amazed. So today I decided that treat is needed and made a bath of lemonade myself. Not with strawberries as those aren’t in yet but with ginger and lime.

Rhubarb Ginger & Lime Lemonade with spices

rhubarb (I had 5 stems)
piece of fresh ginger
100g-200g sugar (depending on your fancies)
cinammon stick
1 vanilla pod
1 lime

Put all ingredients but lime in the pot. Add water (about 2 pints might be more), remove the zest from lime and put it in the pot as well. Bring to boil and simmer for 30 mins, untill rhubarb falls apart. Add juice of 1 lime, add sugar if needed. Transfer to the jar (you can process it in liquidizer if wanted), let to cook and enjoy.


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One Response to It’s the Highest Time to be Thai…

  1. Beary Bear says:

    seriously seriously tasty yummy looking salmon babe. damn i’m hungry now. maybe i tries it this way tomorrow. nom nom nom. oh, and drink looks yummy too.

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