Let Them Eat Grits

As you know from my previous posts I’m a big fan of grits, let’s face it most of Poles are. Grits is the part of our menu since early times.  Back in the days when there were no potatos or pasta, there was grits. We have various kinds of grits, each for everyone. My favourite is barley grits, is light delicate and easy to eat with almost anything.

Recently I’ve been lurking foodgawker and to my disappointment I came upon articles about how to fake food pictures, kind of practicle advises for food bloggers by a fellow blogger. And I started to wonder how much food blogging is just about the food, and how much about pictures and making sure they are professional… After all most of us foodies are just home-grown cooks, people who enjoy food and process of making it. PIcs of course should be nice and make the reader crave the food to try one’s recipe. But to fake it… is somewhat no go for me. Why on earth to exchange milk for white glue? Have mercy, seriously….

To me the picture always tells the story. It captures the moment after the food is cooked and ready to serve. So just before someone for whom it was cooked will dig in. That’s just simply the essence and joy of cooking. Might not be 100% pro, might not be perfect but is mine and tells the story of my food and my house… so the story of me after all, and it’s no fake there.

Enough rambling and back to grits. We cooked two pots of grits as our family prefrences vary. But of course as every good Polish family we cook too much, in this respect we are pretty much as Greeks and Italians. Now my allowance of barley grits should last for another two days. So today after work it was time for a quick fix, especially that my migraine is really making my life to hell for past 5 days.
I grabbed few ingredients and quickly put together this delicious little dish, so tasty and so good for you.

Grits and all is good for 1 (easy to multiply)
1 portion cooked grits your choice
100g mushrooms, sliced
100g streaky bacon in piece or/and ham, diced
1/2 cup green peas (can be frozen)
1 slice of cheese your choice, diced

Now… it’s simple, seriously simple. Give bacon/ham a quick fry, toss in mushrooms and brown them nicely. Add grits, give it a quick fry, add peas and chese and just fry until cheese melts. Season with salt and pepper and now you’re ready to stuff your mouth 🙂 Enjoy and think warmly of me 😉


About ladymorgiana

I'm a redhair girl witch to some scientist to the others... I love cooking and baking.... what else would you like to know?
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1 Response to Let Them Eat Grits

  1. david (bear) says:

    mmmmmmm yum. can i has some now? looks seriously tasty!

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