Eat The Cakes

I have new favourite cake tray. Bought it in Lidl for pennies. It’s perfect for small six loafs of your choice. One does not need to stress how cute such loafs are. Little cake just for you, which seems like a proper treat.


Today I decided to use the can of condensed milk which was floating around for quite some time. I must have bought it before my birthday cake party and then did not use it as already made plenty to nibble. So after a quick research online managed to put together a descent recipe, which was then enhenced by Mom’s request for coffee in the cake.


Condensed milk gives a lightness and fluffiness to the cake, and allows to skip additional sugar, which keeps overwhelming sweetness away. They are light, almost angel cake like, which then is broken by the chunks of dark chocolate.
The cakes are vanilla cafe au lait – the sweet condensed milk allows for them to rise properly, and the structure of the cake resembles very delicate sponge. Cakes are made with big cup of freshly brewed coffee and a spoon of grounded coffee that melts into the cake.
Feathery Cafe au lait cakes
(for tray of 6)
1/2 – 3/4 can of condensed sweet milk

2 eggs

about 10 tb spoons flour

250ml freshly brewed coffee

1 tb ground coffee

1 tb spoon baking powder
150g corasly chopped dark chocolate
1 pack vanilla sugar

100ml vegetable oil


Mix together eggs, milk, oil, vanilla sugar. Mix in flour and add coffee and ground coffee. Mix in well and add baking powder. Add chocolate and mix. Fill the forms (first line them with paper or oil with butter). Bake until done (about 30-35mins) on 180C



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7 Responses to Eat The Cakes

  1. They’re so cute! How did you get the tops to puff up so much?

  2. ladymorgiana says:

    I was amazed to see them puff like that. But they do look super cute and the tray was a brilliant purchase.

  3. Aimee says:

    These do look super adorable. I can’t wait to try them out!

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