Gravadlax or How To Grave the Salmon

Mr Fiance has been bragging about gravadlax for ages and I know he has made it successfully couple of times. So this winter I decided to finally brave the elements and have my go with this so yet popular treat. Mr Fiance insisted that there’s only one ultimate recipe and it’s the one by Jamie –Ā GORGEOUS BEETROOT GRAVADLAX. I seriously love how every recipe is always gorgeous, best ever and so on. This way always feel almost challanged to try it. Of course I wouldn’t be myself if didn’t change the recipe in the process. Truth is that while still in bed with flu am less mobile and less willing to go out and do shopping.


As I ran out of vodka substituted that with grated fresh ginger. Which I hope that it gives an extra kick to the taste. My test run on Gravadlax is made for the Office Christmas Party, which take’s palce on thursday evening. I had to cut my ingredients in half, as there won’t be too many of us anyway. For Christmas we may again go for smaller amount but this will need to be discussed with Mr Fiance anyway.


Word Gravadlax in Norwegian comes from the word grave, because back in old days people used to bury the salmon, so that it will mature and marinate. Those days we just stick it in fridge and let it marinate šŸ˜‰


Let’s get down with business so the recipe. No idea how it will come out, as the result shall be known after at least 24 hours and preferably 2 days according to Jamie. Last night when I watched episode of Barefoot Contessa by Ina Garden, her gravlax needed only 24 hours in total to be ready to eat, eventhough recipe on Foodnetwork says 48 hours, how confusing. The piece of salmon in Jamie’s recipe was over 700g, wheras the piece I got is only 400g. Ina Garten was marinating two pieces of salmon sandwiched with bunch of dill and spices and total time was 24 hours or 48 hours if following recipe on the webpage.


Gravadlax almost like Jamie’s

400g salmon filet, skin on
rock salt enough to cover salmon
damerara sugar about 1tb might be more
1tb spoon grated horseradish (I used jared one)
5cm fresh ginger grated
1 lemon – zest grated and juice from 1/2
300g grated fresh beetroot



place filet skin down in shallow dish. Rub over salt, then sugar, then grated ginger and top up with horseradish. Rub and press. Cover with grated beetroot, sprinkle with lemon zest and lemon juice. Cover tightly with cling film, I did two layers just in case. And weight it down with another tray or couple of cans. Stick in the fridge for 2 days. When ready drain away the liquid, discard the crust and carve thinly.

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2 Responses to Gravadlax or How To Grave the Salmon

  1. Pam says:

    I was just checking some of my back posts to make sure I didn’t neglect any comments… and found your kind comment from December. I hope you will enjoy the game hens, we all really liked them. Your blog is a delight, and I found some wonderful recipes here that I will want to try in the future… it is all making me hungry.

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