Ruguh…what? Rugelachs My Love

yes, you heard well rugelachs, which are small pasteries in crescent shape, filled with delicious filling, they come from Jewish tradition and are to die for… big time. You can read more about them here. As I was reading through Pinterest, no wait reading is not a right word – browsing, definetely browsing, so when I was browsing through Pinterest last night on my quest to find perfect recipe for rhubard, I came across rhubarb rugelachs recipe and fell in love. Sorry lovely person, who gave me this idea I didn’t save your blog and now can’t find it. The post wasn’t much of recipe but gave general idea of regulachs with rhubarb filling done according to Martha Stewart’s recipe. As I seem to have love-hate relationship with Martha, but still idea was too tempting, I decided to give it a test ride. Better safe then sorry on Dad’s namesday party.


First things first I collected rhubarb in the garden – four stalks, then peeled them, washed them and placed them in the dish with sugar, cinnamon and few cloves. And then let it roast in the oven for about an hour. After that time it was just enough to give it a quck stir, and rhubarb changed into amazing thick jam. So simple and so absolutely satifying…. I could eat the whole of it just as it was. Now I know I need at least one or two stalks more.


The dough recipe given by Martha is simple, quick and straight forward. Ready is nice and crunchy and flaky, absolutely delicious. Together with tangy, spicy and sweet filling is match made in heaven. Nice crunchiness is provided by almonds, but now I’m thinking pistachios as they have more body then almonds. So those are the winner big time! I made 54 of those darlings, and already half of the plate is missing. Dad seems to be refilling every few minutes and so is mum. To me they are the taste I’ve been looking for ever since my last visit in jewish restaurant Mandragora in Lublin…. heaven in mouth, which perfectly accompanies a cup of coffee.


So what you think? Maybe time for you to give a try to those little darlings? Recipe requires just a bit of time… but is worth it!

Little Darling Tangy Rugelachs
(for about 50-60 pcs)

recipe for rugelachs (dough, coating and preperation) by Martha

5-6 stalks of rhubarb
4 tb sugar
few cloves
2 handfulls of chopped pistachios or almonds (or any other nuts of your choice)

Prepare the dough according to the recipe, devide into 6 equal pieces and stick it in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Seemingly longer it stays in fridge more playable it becomes. Clean, wash and slice the rhubarb, place in the baking dish, cover with sugar and spices, add 1tb of cold water and roast in the oven for about an hour (200C or 180C fan-forced). Remove from the oven and give it a good stir, so that rhubarb turns into jam. Set aside to cool. Roll each piece of dough into circle 20-25cm diameter, cut into 8 equal wedges, place a tea spoon of rhubarb on the wider end of triangle, add good helping of nuts and roll, when you have about 16 pcs done ( that’s enough for one tray – if you have big trays) dip each rugelach into butter, then sugar and cinnamon mixture and place on the lined tray. Bake until nice and brow (carmelized), so for about 35 minutes in 180C (or 160C fan-forced). Let them cool and not try to eat them all at once…


So are you ready to treat yourself?

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2 Responses to Ruguh…what? Rugelachs My Love

  1. Bear says:

    they look sooooo good. i want to eat all of them.

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