Ken Hom and Wontons…

…. those two seriously come together, they really do… why? Well first of all Ken Hom’s chinese cooking book was my very first English cookbook ever. I was given it by my Host Mom back in Colchester and still treasure it. Secondly, Ken Hom was the first to introduce true Chinese cooking to both British and Americans. Wontons on the other hand are one of my Swiss memories. Yes, I know it sounds just weird but there was this one lovely meal which I had at Piddo and Romy… and Romy made those mouth melting little parcels of goodness. When yesterday I felt low and quite melancholic I decided there’s nothing better than some retail theraphy and directed my steps to international market.


I was deeply pleased to have found wonton dough and tom yum veggetable set and right there idea was born. Today we had tom yum with wontons, and from the leftovers of filling we made small meat balls, which were cooked in soup and will be served tomorrow with soup and nice portion of rice noodles. Like that something which could be an extravagant meal turned out to be economical two days feast. Not too bad indeed!


Recipe is straight forward as always. Wontons do need some good old hand work, and seemingly working in team provides a descent mother-daughter time. Tom yum can be of course done from the paste, but why to bother if the package of frozen veggies costs as much as packet of the paste?

Tom Yum from scratch

1-1,5l of water
1 pkg frozen Tom Yum veggies, defrost
1 big turkey wing
1 can coconut milk
2 carrots in sticks
1/2 of celeriac in sticks

Place turkey wing in pot, cover in water and make sure there’s plenty of water, add Tom Yum veggies and let them boil for at least 1 hour. After that add veggies and coconut milk and let boiling for another hour.



1 pkg of wonton wrappers
2 chicken breasts, finely chopped
5 mushrooms, chopped
3 shalottes, chopped
salt, peper and spices
1 beaten egg to seal the wontons

In the bowl mix chicken, mushrooms and shalottes and spices and mix well. Set aside in the fridge for at least 20 mins. Afterwards, start wrapping wontons by placing a spoon of filling in the middle of each wrapper, brush the edges with egg and glue to form the parcels. Boil in salted water for 3-4 mins.
If any filling is left, then mix it with remaining egg and form little meat balls. Cook them in soup.

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I'm a redhair girl witch to some scientist to the others... I love cooking and baking.... what else would you like to know?
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1 Response to Ken Hom and Wontons…

  1. David says:

    looks so good, wish was there to of tasted it. Look forward to one time. Ken Hom is brilliant.

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