Happy Fish Cakes

There are dishes that bring comfort and memories, the others seem to be so typical that understanding country’s cusine without knowing those is not really right. So are the fish cakes. Dish which became one of Britain’s national favourite and was listed in Jamie Oliver’s “Jamie’s Great Britain”. I’ve been fiddling with this recipe for a while, and think that finally have the good base for descent marriage of mash, fish and Asian twist. As big fan of mash and fish it is one of my favourite treats, easy to make, can be used as good opportunity to get rid of all mash leftovers.


Today I decided that the old favourite needs another twist, and since there was no fresh or smoked fish, used the tinned fish instead (and yes it worked like a song) and served those bad boys with nice poached egg. Ever since I’ve seen and read “Julia and Julie” I was mesmerized by idea of poached egg, having in mind how complicated it sounded I never dared to attempt it. Of course the day to face this great challenge sneaked upon me unexpectedly. Some time ago, when I was down with stomach issues decided to ask Mothership what could be a good and light thing to have instead of rusks and apple compote which became my daily food at the time. She said: poached egg, fair enough I anwsered but do you know how to poach an egg?? Of course she didn’t, but oblivious to the knowledge of the complexity of the process (or what I thought its complexity was) insisted it must be piece of cake. So I gave it a go and damn it was blinking tasty. So I did it again and again and every time I am being mesmerized by the beauty and simplicity of its elegance.


And believe me or not fishcakes served with poached egg and little Asian salad are the perfect summer dish. Light and satisfying, filling but not too heavy, spicy and delicate at the same time. All ingredients can be easily found in every pantry, dish is fairly quick, and should satisfy all lovers of Asian and sea food.


Fish Cakes
enough to feed 6
500g potato, peeled and boiled with 4 cloves of garlic
1 leek, sliced
1 chilli pepper, chopped
2 knobs of butter
sage, chopped
parsley, chopped
1 can of tuna
1 can of sprots, chopped
1/2 can of anchovy, chopped
1/2 cup of flour
1 egg
2 spoons of sour cream
flour to dust the cakes

In the pot melt 2 knobs of butter, add chilli and leek, sweat until nice and tender. Add to boiled potato, with extra olive oil, cream and mash to perfection. Let to cool. Add fish, herbs, flour, egg and mix well. Form cakes and roll them in flour. Fry immediately until golden on both sides.

Asian Root Salad

5 carrots, peeled
1/2 celeriac, peeled
handful of raisins
sesame oil
apple vinigar
powdered garlic
smoked paprica
2 tbs honey

Grate the carrots and celeriac, mix with the rest of ingredients and let cool for at least an hour before serving.


Asian Relish

1/2 jar of light mayo
1/2 handful of chopped chives
1 tbs apple vinigar
1 ts horse raddish
1 chilli

mix all together. Season to taste. Chill before serving.


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I'm a redhair girl witch to some scientist to the others... I love cooking and baking.... what else would you like to know?
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2 Responses to Happy Fish Cakes

  1. david says:

    damn that looks so sooo tasty.

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