Warm salad is heartwarming indeed…

Spring is in full blood and slowly crawling into the summer. New potatoes arrived, little gems in the dirty little skins that come off with a touch. It got me thinking, what if good old potato salad could be turned into eintopf – a dish fulfilling and rewarding in its simplicity. Warm salad… yes how weird it sounds warm salads are best treat ever. Lovely meal where coldness of leaves, crunchiness of garnish and warmth of main ingredients mingle. It’s more like a painting on the plate or a story told by food. It’s hot and cold, crunchy and soft, creamy and spicy… world in a spoon so to speak.


I decided to mix two kinds of meat: pork fillet and chicken breast. Both of them were roasted in the foil, their perfect companion was roasted onion. New potatoes were boiled in salt and herbs bath, so they were very flavoursome indeed. As run out of mayo decided to stick with good old vergine olive oil and ancient grain mustard parentship must have brought from Provance. As mentioned before this is a rather quick and easy dish. Roast and cook what needs to remain warm, chop others which shall remain fresh and juicy, toss all into a bowl and add dressing of your choice. And you are done… so simple and so good for you.


Warm Potato Salad
(feeds hungry 3 as main)

about 800g new potatoes, boiled in peels
3 big onions, sliced and roasted with herbs of your choice
1 roasted chicken breast
1 roasted pork fillet
1 small class of capers, drained
1 small red pepper, chopped
3 pickled cucumbers, diced
bunch of parsley, chopped
1 tbsp lemon juice,
1 tbsp whole grain mustard
virgine olive oil
salt, peper


Mix together diced meats, quartered potatoes, and other ingredients. Make the dressing and mix throughly. Serve immediately and enjoy. It’s brilliant and quick dish. Can be serve either as main or as a starter. You can easily modify its ingredients, add for instance nice mayo either homemade or ready bought, chop some extra helping of favourite herbs (ours aren’t quite there, so parsley it was).

About ladymorgiana

I'm a redhair girl witch to some scientist to the others... I love cooking and baking.... what else would you like to know?
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1 Response to Warm salad is heartwarming indeed…

  1. Bear says:

    looks so delicious yum yum

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