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Warm salad is heartwarming indeed…

Spring is in full blood and slowly crawling into the summer. New potatoes arrived, little gems in the dirty little skins that come off with a touch. It got me thinking, what if good old potato salad could be turned … Continue reading

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Happy Fish Cakes

There are dishes that bring comfort and memories, the others seem to be so typical that understanding country’s cusine without knowing those is not really right. So are the fish cakes. Dish which became one of Britain’s national favourite and … Continue reading

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Summer Delights

Over the last few days I’ve been pretty busy: “running, jumping, climbing trees, putting make-up” if you know what I mean 😉 Anyway, it was a long week and tough weekend, but today was the first sunny day in a … Continue reading

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Ave Cesar

I was craving the Cesar Salad today, and I was more than happy to remeber that I still had some lamb salad in the frige, rucola in the garden, and half of the garlic bread in the bread box. So … Continue reading

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