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Is all in a pie

… it really is… or at least pies are rather important part of British cooking. There’s something comforting in their nice and steamy presence. And I’m not talking about sweet pies like apple pie or cherry pie, but savoury ones … Continue reading

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Can You Slim Down Lasagna?

…. the anwser is yes you can do it! Seriously… and I’m so not kidding you. Lasagna was always to me about white sauce, plenty of white sauce, tomato sauce and decadent amount of cheese. As mentioned before Mom is … Continue reading

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Pasta & Basta

Some time ago we went to Munich, the trip was brilliant idea and definately I would so love to go there again. As always I was traveling on shoestring (why? because is way more fun this way) and most of … Continue reading

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Let It Snow!

Warsaw’s under the snow siege… seriously, it’s been snowing since monday and temperatures dropped well below zero, and I meant it, it’s -10C today and two days ago was -20C. So it’s cold outside, cold and snowy – in our … Continue reading

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Wake Me Up Before You Go Toasts

Breakfast is a base for the good day. Last night I got surprised by Historian’s visit, which was absolutely spontane and great thing. We slept in today as we stayed up long last night, so it was of the great … Continue reading

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