Is in the Fish….

it really is when it comes to sushi. I’m a huge fan ever since the first time in London restaurant back 2000, when my posh and amazing cousine from Australia introduced me to the brand new idea of sushi and miso soup. Darling, I’m forever grateful to you for that summer in London, it in a way determined my life as it is now. It was as well my lovely cousine who taught me how to make sushi, and japanese omelette, together with my first bowl of gree thai curry.


That one summer in London seriously determined who I am now. Amazing people I met back then, tastes and experiences, all now are proves that UK and London feels very much like home. So as you see one summer was enough.


Sushi is about the fish. Japanese have amazing culture based on the access to the high quality of seafood. So is UK and London. But Warsaw? Here nice fish is expensive, fresh tuna is hardly avaliable, salmon is ok to fry but no to eat raw. So all is left are smoked fishes and other local products like herrings. I strongly believe that variation of such sushi is much more accurate and can make it more affordable at the same time.


I’m very greateful for another invention – sushi molds. Makes life so much easier and work quicker, plus one can have heart-shape norimaki… how cool is that?
Please don’t get me wrong, I love handrolled sushi and whenever I have some time I’m more than willing to make such. But days like today when one’s in hurry and all one wants is a nice lunch sushi molds seem the quick solution. Mine were filled with smoked salmon and smoked mackerel, carrots, cucumber and kohlrabi. Very satisfying indeed.


As you see Smeagol was very curious about it as well 😉 So when next time are you making some sushi?

About ladymorgiana

I'm a redhair girl witch to some scientist to the others... I love cooking and baking.... what else would you like to know?
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1 Response to Is in the Fish….

  1. David says:

    looks good. Such a naughty kitty she is.

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